About Stony Lane

Stony Lane Swim Club

Youngsford & Lafayette Roads

1830 Lafayette Road

P.O. Box 125

Gladwyne, PA 19035

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2019 Pool Staff

Dennis Hagan, Manager

2019 Board of Directors

John McCullough,  President

Chris Wiegand, Vice President

Jeff Keating, Treasurer

Mark Sheehan, Secretary

Jeff Beh, Pool & Facilities Committee

Ashley Brasfield, Pool & Facilities Committee

David Wilson, Swim Team Committee

Kirstin Mazzeo, Swim Team Committee

Karen Melikian, Membership Chair

Ted O'Connor, Finance Committee

john McCullough, Social Committee

Ellen Von Eck, Pool and Facilities Committee

Christ Wiegand, Grounds Committee

Matt Harker, Member at Large

Jeff Snyder, Webmaster

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